Plan, Design & Build

Getting Started

The place to start is the ideas, thoughts and plans you have in your mind or down on paper.

To this we can offer our suggestions based on the experience we have on other projects. Some projects are simple and don’t involve planning consent, architects or landscape designers. For others some or all may need to be involved and we can either take the hassle of this away from you through our ‘Design2Build’ service or work with your own selected designers. Why not contact us now to get things started.


Some projects require building consent and others do not. Often it isn’t as obvious as it might seem. Planning can be complicated and each individual case is different, along with our knowledge and the advice of trusted architects we can all work together.

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Garden Landscape Design

This is the blending of hard and soft landscaping - the patio, paving, conservatory etc with the lawn, flowers, trees and, shrubs and ornamental features such as ponds, waterfalls, flowerbeds etc. In most cases clients have a good idea of what they want to create and we can work alongside offering suggestions as we go. Alternatively, we can bring in a local landscape designer or work with someone you already know.

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Building Design

We offer a hassle-free service called ‘Design2Build’ to cover all your needs. We use experienced local architects to help you transfer your ideas and any rough sketches into workable designs. If you prefer you can use your own and we will work with them. Depending on the project we can just work directly with you and offer ideas based on our own knowledge and projects we have built.

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Construction Process

The way to ensure that something is built to last is in the preparation. If corners are cut then whatever building project is involved the finished product may look good, but problems will soon reveal themselves. To give you some idea of how we go about our work we have taken photos of various projects showing the construction process from start to finish.

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